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Top Reasons to Host Your Wedding on a Key West Charter Boat

May 16, 2019

At Calypso Sailing, we’re proud to be one of the most well-known, professional, and reliable sailboat and catamaran charter companies in Key West. Whether you're eager to explore the waters off the islands of Key Largo, the Bahamas or the Florida Keys our fleet is prepared and ready to offer you a once-in-a-lifetime experience exploring one of the world’s most sought-after travel destinations. And while private Key West catamaran rentals and corporate charters are areas we excel in, we also offer couples from around the globe the ability to host their wedding aboard one of our vessels. That’s right —a wedding charter with Calypso Sailing with offer you, your significant other, and your guests a wedding experience like they have never had before. What sets a Key West sailing charter wedding apart from a traditional event wedding?

Control the Number of Guests
At Calypso Sailing, our vessels can comfortably host between 6 and 42 people. And while that may not seem like much for those planning a stadium-size wedding, it’s important to consider the positives of holding an exclusive wedding event on the calm, soothing blue waters of the Florida Keys. Choosing to host your wedding on one of our vessels in the waters of Key West allows you to keep your list of invitees exclusive to those family and friends who are most important to you. Why waste time and energy thinking about which long lost college friends or far away aunts, uncles, and cousins to attend when you can plan your event knowing that only your closest friends are aboard? With seemingly everyone you know eager to share in the celebration of your wedding day; it can be difficult to limit the guest list without hurting other people’s feelings. However, getting married aboard a boat gives you an ideal out to keep your guest list trim, because everyone understands you can’t break maritime occupancy rules!

Cut Down on Costs

While planning a Key West charter boat wedding may seem like an exorbitant cost —it might actually save you considerably. A pared down guest list means that you’re free to commit more to other event costs that will make your sailing charter wedding all the more memorable for those in attendance. Best of all, the talented, experience team here at Calypso Chaters will work one-on-one with you to make sure your event goes exactly to your specifications —from soup to nuts. From specialty food and drink options to a range of entertainment ideas, hosting your wedding on a Calypso Sailing charter boat allows you to fine-tune your special day down to the very last detail. That not only means that you’ll be giving your loved ones a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but a day that you and your significant other will cherish forever. 

Mobile, Customizable Event Schedule

The wedding charters here at Calypso Sailing are unhindered by the obstacles set forth by time, roads, and brick and mortar establishments. Whether you want to host your entire wedding aboard one of our vessels, or simply utilize one of our catamarans or sail boats as a part of your wedding ceremony, the Calypso Sailing team can adapt to whatever your specific wedding plan needs. Our experiences event specialists will help you choose one of our gorgeous Key West wedding themes, or they can work from your plans to create the custom wedding celebration you’ve been dreaming of for years.

Pick your guests up at a certain local for a sunset cruise where you and your wedding-partner-to-be can exchange your vows in front of breathtaking views. Better yet, you can have your party picked up at the conclusion of your vow ceremony and cruise the calm Key West waters all evening complete with a catered meal you design and to the sound of on-board entertainment you select. 

Looking for incredible wedding pictures? A Key West wedding charter is the perfect solution. Whether you choose to have you and your new spouse photographed aboard one of our sailboats at the conclusion of your ceremony, or if you and your wedding party simply want to take photos aboard one of our vessels, Calypso Charters will be here to cater to all of your event needs. 

When you book your tropical destination wedding here in Key West with Calypso Charters, you’re embarking on an event that you and your loved ones will never forget. Interested in learning more about a Florida Keys sailing adventure, or a Florida Keys catamaran rental, contact Calypso Sailing today. Our knowledgeable team of Florida Keys sailing experts today to plan your next event, whether it’s a wedding, reunion, or corporate party. Remember, sailing in the Florida Keys isn't just about the wonderful experiences that you have on the water, but the memories that you’ll take with you for the rest of your life.