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Why The Bahamas should be your sailing destination

July 10, 2019

As one of the most well-known, professional and reliable sailboat and catamaran charter companies in Key West, Calypso Sailing is here to make your vacation dreams come true. When renting your sailboat or catamaran, you will have the opportunity to explore waters off the islands of Key Largo, The Bahamas or the Florida Keys! Our world-class boats give you the opportunity and the freedom to truly customize and design your own vacation. While you have many destinations, there are a few reasons why sailing to The Bahamas should be your top trip  destination.

With over 100,000 miles of pristine waters and beautiful beaches, The Bahamas is the premiere sailing destination for 2019. The Bahamas is only separated from Florida by 700 islands, making it a short sailing destination from Key West. Once you arrive at the beautiful islands of The Bahamas, you can experience some of the most unique and amazing wildlife on the planet. Enjoy sailing by beaches with coconut palms and mangroves while hermit crabs, birds, and curly tail lizards bask in the sunlight. The amazing wildlife does just refer to what is on the pristine beaches, but also extends to the water. On a clear day, when you look over the edge of the boat you can see sharks, exotic fish, rays, and even reefs scattered along the bottom.

The Bahamas is not only beautiful in landscape and wildlife, but in culture as well. The Bahamas has a truly unique culture rich with different backgrounds from around the world. In a few words, the culture of The Bahamas is welcoming, friendly, lively, and easy-going. The official language of The Bahamas is English, and they are deeply religious. Despite their religious ties, they are adamant about freedom of religious expression and the constitution even guarantees freedom of expression on the islands. 

There are many islands for you to visit, but when determining which island to visit there are a few things to consider. While wifi is pretty abundant throughout, it is almost elusive in the Exumas. While you can find and utilize wifi, it can be expensive and might not always be worth the cost. Another island you might consider visiting is Nassau - the palm gardens on the eastern end of the island are truly spectacular and you can visit them for minimal cost. In addition, Nassau is home to one of the best well kept secrets in The Bahamas, the Rose Island. Another great area to visit? The Abacos are one of the most amazing places to visit and is less affected by tourism than other locations in The Bahamas. 

Another great thing about The Bahamas? The amazing weather. This is almost not one bad time to visit The Bahamas, but if you had to choose a time we recommend from mid-December to mid-April. These months are the peak season for tourism, although temperatures rarely drop below 60 degrees. Something to keep in mind is Hurricane season, which is between June and November of each year. While this doesn’t have to deter your vacations, it is something to keep in mind if you are hoping to avoid hurricanes! 

We haven’t touched on the local cuisine, but we promise it is worth the visit. Food in The Bahamas is a unique combination of Caribbean and south American styles. It’s comfort food meets spice, and it is completely worth the trip. Local restaurants and cafes line the shorelines of the islands, where you can get a taste of local flavors and maybe even sample the national dish of the islands. The Conch, the islands most notable shellfish, is something that you can happily sample before departing from your vacation.

There are a number of activities that can be suited for any interest as well. If you are interested in fishing, one of the biggest activities in The Bahamas is sport fishing - there are several tournaments a year. Despite this, there is always the option to participate in sport fishing just off shore of the islands. If you are interested in experiencing some of the underwater wildlife, you have the option to go snorkeling and scuba diving at some of the amazing reefs in the world. In addition, many of the inhabited islands have plenty of options for food, dining, and even local shows that you can catch.

As you prepare for a vacation to The Bahamas, here are some fun facts to keep in mind when deciding to visit The Bahamas - we promise it’s worth the visit: 
The Bahamas is home to the third-largest barrier reef in the world
Out of the 700 islands, only 30 are inhabited 
The Bahamas is home to the clearest waters in the world - with visibility on a good day reaching 100+ feet underwater 
One of the most amazing things about The Bahamas is the underwater cave system available to those who enjoy scuba diving
The Bahamas sits on the edge of the infamous Bermuda Triangle 
Despite the notoriety of the Great Blue Hole in Belize, The Bahamas is actually home to the deepest hole in the world 
The origin of the name The Bahamas comes from the Spanish phrase “Baja Mar,” meaning shallow sea

When you are ready to book your sailboat vacation to The Bahamas, contact us here at Calypso Charters. Our team will help you put together a vacation you will never forget complete with sun, sand, and activities. If you are unsure or have questions, contact us. We are here to help you learn more about a Bahamas sailing adventure and provide you with the information you need to book your next event. Remember, sailing in The Bahamas isn't just about the wonderful experiences that you have on the water, but the memories that you’ll take with you for the rest of your life.