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To tourist activities in Key Largo

September 18, 2019

When it comes to catamaran and sailing charters in Key Largo, Calypso Sailing is your place to go. We have a lot of experience in Key Largo, and have a diverse fleet of vessels ready for all of your needs. The team here at Calypso Charters prides itself on decades of experience in expertly guiding families, commercial parties, and couples through their Key Largo sailboat charter adventure. Key Largo is a treasure chest of unique and fun things to do, check out our top nine favorites! 

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park 
Established in 1963, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is the only first undersea park that was established to protect the coral reefs that line the state of Florida. The John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is connected to the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary - which creates 178 nautical square miles filled with wildlife, coral reefs, mangrove swamps, and seagrass beds. Contrary to what you might think, the Coral Reef State Park offers more attractions above the surface as well. With a 30,000 gallon saltwater aquarium and theatre, as well as kayaking options and snorkeling areas - the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is perfect for a family outing or couples day out!  

Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge
Founded in 1980, the Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge was created to protect the native crocodile habitat. This is a unique thing to do, as where crocodiles live is closed off to the public. You can only get to this area through volunteering - but what better thing to do then volunteer for a few hours on your day off and get a great experience?! Those who are not interested in volunteering can visit the crocodile habitat to learn more, as well as how to preserve and protect the environment. In addition to learning more about the crocodile’s habit, you can also visit the Butterfly Garden that houses more than 50 unique and local species of plants. 

Dagny Johnson Key Largo Hammock National State Park 
If you are an outdoor enthusiast the Dagny Johnson Key Largo Hammock National State Park is for you! With over six miles of nature trails to hike and explore, you and your family/friends can enjoy a day out in natural Florida habitat. There are over 80 species of protected animals and plants that reside in this national state park, and you have two options when visiting: a Ranger-led trail hikes or self-led trail hikes. Whatever you enjoy! 

Dolphin Cove
Located on the most northern area of Key Largo, Dolphin Cove is a five-acre lagoon that allows visitors to swim and meet with local dolphins. Guided tours last approximately thirty minutes, where visitors learn about the dolphins and their habitats - as well as what to expect when they come in contact with the dolphins. After the thirty minute tour, visitors have the option to participate in the dolphin swimming experience which gives visitors the chance to meet the dolphins up close and personal. 

Florida Keys Wildbird Rehabilitation Center
If you are a bird lover you should certainly visit the Wildbird Rehabilitation Center located in the Florida Keys! The Wildbird Rehabilitation Center is a safe space for injured birds to be rescued and rehabilitate before being released back into the wild. The Wildbird Rehabilitation Center is a great place for visitors to learn more about the local wildlife, how the center rehabilitates, and learn about the species residing within the center. 

If you aren’t into wildlife, perhaps a visit to the USCGC Bibb is for you. The USCGC Bibb was involved in wartime operations in both World War II and Vietnam, and now sits peacefully at the bottom of the ocean in the gulf. The great thing about the gulf is that visibility is impeccable - making viewing of the USCGC Bibb gorgeous! You even have the option to participate in an underwater dive, where you can expect to see sharks, reef fish, and even barracudas. 

Key Largo Parasailing
Looking for an above water view of the beautiful landscape? Consider taking a parasailing adventure and seeing the beautiful Key Largo from the air. The great thing about parasailing is you an do it with a single, or double - meaning if you want to take a partner you are more than able to! 

Capt. Sterling’s Everglade Tours
Capt. Sterling’s Everglade Tours offers three unique options for you if you are interested in taking an Everglades Tour! Captain Sterling offers tours in the Everglades National Park, Florida Bay, and Mangrove Jungle. Not only will you have the opportunity to tour the Everglades, but you can take a manatee tour to experience life next to these gentle creatures. On these tours you also have an opportunity to tour Hemingway Pass, known as one of the most prettiest areas of the Everglades. 

Charter Rental
Charter rentals can be fun and ultimately put the vacation’s control in your hands. With traditional vacations you might have to book all of your travel and you are restricted to certain times and destinations. With a sailboat charter, you’re free to go where you want when you want. Sail the seas with your closest family and travel up and down the coast of the beautiful Key Largo. Visit port cities, experience nature preserves, go swimming, snorkel your way through the ocean, and island hop whenever you want. You are truly in control when it comes to renting a sailboat charter. The best part? You will be able to avoid the tourists.

Have we convinced you of a Key Largo location? With all of the activities to do in Key Largo, and the ability to rental a charter, Key Largo is the place to be! When you set sail with Calypso Sailing Charters, the waters in and around the city of Key Largo are yours to visit as you like. We are looking forward to seeing you this season in Key Largo! Contact us at Calypso Sailing Charters where we can answer all of our questions, address your concerns, and help you book the vacation of your dreams.