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The health benefits of Key West sailing

October 2, 2019

As one of the most well-known, professional and reliable sailboat and catamaran charter companies in Key West FL, Calypso Sailing is here to make your vacation dreams come true. But besides the fun that can come with sailing, did you know there are health and socio-emotional benefits that can be gained? Key West is known for its beautiful waters and amazing views - with pristine beaches, and beautiful sunsets, it is truly a world-class sailing experience. But let’s dive into the health benefits you can take advantage of while sailing.  

The Body
Sailing is great for building muscular strength and endurance. During sailing, you will have to hoist the sails, maneuver the boat, and even continue to adjust the sails on your journey. But doing this, you will begin to increase your strength and endurance as time goes on - after a few days of being sore of course! Building muscular strength and endurance isn’t the only thing that will happen after a sailing excursion. Sailing as a whole can be an intense activity for the body (if you are navigating everything yourself), which means you will be building cardiovascular strength and reducing the chances of hypertension, obesity, and additional heart-related illnesses. 

Finally, it can be common to struggle with agility. But with sailing, you can actually begin to increase your skills and improve your hand-eye coordination. Sailing requires sound hand-eye coordination - something that you can grow the more you sail! 

The Mind
If you’ve ever spent quite a bit of time on the ocean, it’s safe to say that you completely understand that just being on the ocean can have amazing benefits. Not only will you feel more relaxed and refreshed during your time sailing, but you will also experience pretty significant declines in stress levels for days, and even weeks, after your sailing adventure. In addition to the long lasting side effects of sailing, you’ll stay focused and organized during your sailboating adventure - giving your brain stimulation you might have been missing recently! 

Not only will you feel more relaxed and revitalized during and after your sailboating adventure, but you will also have taken away some key lessons. Sailboating requires perseverance, particularly if you are new to the craft. While sailboating it will be you versus the natural elements, and while they aren’t always extreme it will be a challenge if you aren’t used to it before. Overcoming these challenges will be a powerful reinforcement of the value of perseverance and grit- something your family will greatly benefit from learning if you are bringing little ones!

Speaking of little ones, sailboating is the perfect way to teach them responsibility, and even patience. Sailboating will require teamwork, as we previously mentioned. This teamwork will be essential in moving the boat forward, and as every member of the team will have a responsibility - this includes your little ones! Nothing like a teambuilding activity on family vacation to bring everyone closer.

Social Skills
To keep the boat moving in the right direction, communication is key! You’ll need to communicate with others on the boat to ensure your boat is on the move, and that you won't have any accidents on your journey. Everyone on board will help to play a role in your ship’s journey, learning both verbal and non-verbal ways of communicating (in an effective manor) will be essential to your success. This experience will even bring your friends, and family, closer! Building teamwork between your family, or friends, will carry on outside of your sailboating adventure and give you something to re-live together for months to come!

Keep in mind, you can always have one of our team-members sail for you if you choose to! When you are ready to book your sailboat vacation to Key West, contact us here at Calypso Charters. Our team will help you put together a vacation you will never forget complete with sun, sand, and activities. If you are unsure or have questions, contact us. We are here to help you learn more about a Key West sailing adventure and provide you with the information you need to book your next event. Remember, sailing in Key West isn't just about the wonderful experiences that you have on the water, but the memories that you’ll take with you for the rest of your life.