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25 fun facts about Key Largo that will have you dying to visit

November 26, 2019

Have you been thinking of visiting Key Largo? Maybe even renting a catamaran charter while visiting? We have a lot of experience in Key Largo, and have a diverse fleet of vessels ready for all of your needs. Besides our experience, Key Largo is a great place to unwind and reconnect with friends and family. Take a look at some of our favorite Key Largo facts: 

Did you know that Key Largo is still a part of the Florida Keys? When it was first settling (sometime around 1870) there was only sixty people and a post office. Although the post office closed just eleven years later, another post office was established. This seems to be a trend in Key Largo - but the post offices tend to grow larger with the population over the years! Also, did you know that Key Largo is the largest of the Florida Keys - 30 miles to be exact. Although it’s the largest, it’s not the most populated key. Oh, and did you know there are technically over 800 keys?

The Florida Keys in general have a very rich history when it comes to the location? There are 42 bridges on the Florida Keys that attach each key location and make it easier to navigate. The largest bridge is over 35,000 feet and is known as Seven Mile Bridge. 

As you look out over the pristine beaches, something else to consider is the fact that nearly all the sand has been shipped in from the Carribbean - which would explain the beautiful scenery and out-of-this country feel.

What is a “key” anyways? Key is version of the Spanish word for “cayo,” which means small island. 

A Rich History
There have been several rich and notable people who have lived in the Florida Keys, including: 
Ernest Hemingway: His house still resides on the island and is perfect for visiting
Shel Silverstein
Henry S. Truman
Tennessee Williams
Calvin Klein
Jimmy Buffet
John Dewey 
Shane Spencer

Now that you know they are famous residents, you might even start to notice mentions of Key West in their work. Key West has certainly left an impact on these writers and artists - particularly the ones who have specifically referenced the song.

Yes, hurricanes tend to hit the Key Largo area. But did you know that Key West was one the area of one of the United States’ worst hurricanes. With wind speeds of over 200 mph, and storm surges of over 15 feet nearly 500 people died in the area. The hurricane is now known as the Labor Day hurricane (it occurred on Labor Day), and it devastated the railways and towns in the area. 

Speaking of weather, did you know that the Florida Keys is classified as tropical? In fact, the Keys is the only place in Florida that doesn’t have frost. Which might just make it the perfect spot for you to stop during winter months.

Are you in to scuba diving or snorkeling? Since 1981, more than 23 artificial reefs have been formed off the coast of the Florida Keys - mainly from shipwrecks. These shipwrecks have become a safe haven for tropical fish and promoted the development of additional undersea wildlife. If you get lucky, you might be able to see marine plant life, turtles, sharks (don’t worry!), dolphins, and even some incredibly unique tropical fish. Speaking of sea turtles, did you know that Key West have the most sea turtles nest in the world, and the United States. When you are looking to snorkel or scuba dive, you should visit the Florida Reef just seconds off the coast of the keys. The Florida Reef is the only living coral reef system in the continental United States.

Ocean life is not the only incredible wildlife you can spot while you are out experiencing the Keys. There are many unique birds, such as brown pelicans, that inhabit the keys. You’ll come across iguanas, crabs, and seagulls of course - perfect for the wildlife enthusiast. 

Are you dying to visit Key Largo now? We are excited to have you! With all of the activities to do in Key Largo, and the ability to rental a charter, Key Largo is the place to be! When you set sail with Calypso Sailing Charters, the waters in and around the city of Key Largo are yours to visit as you like. We are looking forward to seeing you this season in Key Largo! Contact us at Calypso Sailing Charters where we can answer all of our questions, address your concerns, and help you book the vacation of your dreams.