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The best beaches to visit with your Florida Keys charter

February 27, 2020

With years of experience in Key West, Calypso Sailing is your place to go when it comes to catamaran and sailing charters in the Florida Keys. With a diverse number of vessels for all of your needs, you can truly have a one-of-a-kind vacation with your friends and/or family. Our team here is ready to help guide you through your next adventure! As you are looking to book your ultimate vacation to the Florida Keys, you might be wondering...what is the best beach to visit while stopping in the Florida Keys?

Sombrero Beach
One of our favorites is Sombrero Beach, the perfect place to sail to with your catamaran or sailing charter. Sombrero Beach is located in Marathon. While it takes a moment to get there, it does ensure that the beach is more relaxed and perfect for those looking for a calming weekend. The remoteness of Sombrero Beach keeps tourists a far, which ensures you are going to have a great weekend! Lucky for you, there are a few restaurants just a few miles away from Sombrero Beach. You’ll have a few different options, from a sports bar to a beer bar, you’re likely to find something that you enjoy. Don’t forget, you can always pack your snacks and drinks on your catamaran/sailing charter rental. 

Bahia Honda 
This Key West beach, a state park located  right off of Big Pine Key, is one for the books. Bahia Honda, once rated one of the best beaches in America, is home to some of the best snorkeling in the state of Florida, crisp blue water, pristine white sand, and some of the most gorgeous views you could ask for. Despite the beautiful views and snorkeling options, there isn’t much to do, and that includes food. If you are planning to be at Bahia Honda for a few hours, be sure to pack a lunch and plan to lay out on the beach with your friends and family. We also recommend taking some of your favorite beverages - it can get a little warm! Another pro tip, while there is plenty of parking, get there early on the weekends, it can fill up quickly. 

Long Key State Park
Long Key State Park is another gorgeous view, but really what beach isn’t? With the consistent waves and busy beaches this area does tend to be a little busier than some of your other locations. What’s unique about this state park is that it offers plenty of camping options, and is well-known for it’s stellar fishing grounds. Similar to Bahia Honda, Long Key State Park doesn’t have many options in terms of food and drink.

Curry Hammock State Park 
Whew, another state park? The Florida Keys are filled with beautiful state parks, but Curry Hammock State Park might have one of the longest beaches. While Long Key State Park is definitely a great area to camp, Curry Hammock State Park is by far the best. All campsites have modern electrical amenities, meaning you can have power and water. The stunning views of the water are perfect for those who love to kayak, hike, or even sail around the island. Like Sombrero Beach, there are a few local spots you can eat/drink at if you are hungry. As you are looking to get to Curry Hammock State Park, keep an eye out! It can be easy to miss the turn.

Anne’s Beach
Anne’s Beach might be the best option for those looking for a quaint family getaway. This beach is known for it’s calm and clear waters - with almost no waves or rocky waters. The clearness of the water makes it the perfect spot for kids to get acquainted with the ocean, helping to calm their fears. Anne’s Beach is home to several waterfront restaurants, giving you the option to eat on the beach while enjoying the calm ocean views. With plenty of space to explore, be sure to walk further down the beach to see some of the calmer views.

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park 
If you are interested in diving or snorkeling, the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is for you! You have the opportunity to dive over some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the country, and if you choose to dive a little deeper you can even explore some old Spanish shipwrecks. If you don’t feel like getting in the water, after you dock your catamaran/sailboat rental hop in a local tour boat with a glass bottom to see the local wildlife and coral reef colonies. Like many of our other beaches, there are some great local restaurants and bars that you can stop at to get your foodie fix! Pro tip - try hiking a little ways down the beach, you’ll find better spots to snorkel and far less people.

Ft. Zackary Taylor State Park
Looking for some local flair? Ft. Zackary Taylor State Park is the place to go for island locals. If you are looking to experience some of the local culture, put this at the top of your visitor list. What’s better, is that the beach is the exact spot where the Atlantic and Gulf meet - turning the ocean a beautiful shade of green/blue. This beach is located near Duval Street, giving you many options for delicious local food and culture. You also have the opportunity to take a tour of the old fort that sits within the state park.

When you set sail with Calypso Sailing Charters, the waters in and around the Florida Keys are yours to visit as you like. Those who visit the Florida Keys return season after season and have the luxury of avoiding overcrowded beaches, congested theme parks and experience the crisp, warm waters of the Florida Keys. We are looking forward to seeing you this season in Key West! Contact us at Calypso Sailing Charters where we can answer all of our questions, address your concerns, and help you book the vacation of your dreams.